Thursday, May 31, 2007


Last summer Andrea and I started a great tradition. Every Wednesday night we would congregate in the den and watch "So You Think You Can Dance." It's a great show fashioned after "American Idol." We had a great time watching and commenting and arguing with the judges! It always blew my mind seeing the girls dance on those high, skinny heels!!!!

It has started a new season...and while it won't be as much fun watching it without Andrea here to share comments and critiques with, it is still fun because of the memories of all the years she and Alyson took dancing and memories of sharing the fun last summer.

One of our favorite guys won last summer! His sister is in the competition this year...GO BENJI'S SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday lovies and huggies to all!


Shali said...

Congratulations to the graduate!

I'm wondering when you have time to watch TV.

Love the new site!

cathye said...

Third time is the charmed one...right? I have replied twice to this comment, and neither is showing. Once more...WITH FEELING!!!

I watch TV while I do computer stuffs...edit pictures (about a million of them), post to my or the church's website, play solitaire (S). In fact, Roy's theory as to why I never remember the entire show for any of the CSI episodes is that I never actually watch them; they are just going in the backgroud. I like that theory; it's much kinder than "because you're old and your memory is doing good to limp" which is what I had been contemplating.