Friday, June 1, 2007

Friday...WE'RE GRADUATED !!!!

Friday , May 18, was a busy, tiring and DELIGHTFUL day! Alyson is now grajumacated (that's Texan for "graduated"). I still love graduations...still get misty-eyed when they play "Pomp and Circumstance," and still almost burst with pride when she walks across the stage (and especially when she got hooded!) I'm sure you'll want to see a few pictures .

The Chapel where it was held was


And the awarding of the diploma

Proud, proud, proud parents!

That evening we drove to Illinois and had supper at Olive Garden with Alyson's boyfriend's parents. It was a fun evening, and of course the food was delicious. As we drove along I took some pictures of downtown St. Louis. I'll post a few of those eventually.
Friday huggies and lovies to all!


carolyn said...

congratulations to you all. how wonderful! so tell us, what is her degree in?? I am not up to date...


cathye said...

Alyson received her Master's in Social Work. She'll stay in St. Louis through the summer and then plans to move to Seattle.

carolyn said...

how exciting! her life really starts now...

safe travels,