Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I've discovered something now that I've turned 60. I've begun hearing certain phrases much more frequently: "we need younger blood" and "it's perfectly normal FOR SOMEONE YOUR AGE" being two of the more frequently heard ones.

This past Sunday was a delightful day. I got to enjoy the Eagle Scout ceremony of one of the young men from our church who is very dear to me, and then I went with the Praise Team as they went to Goodfellow Air Force Base here to provide music for the evening service.

It was a totally unexpected blessing. Come to find out, the chapel building at Goodfellow has been there for over 50 years which means it is the same one I visited with my best friend when we were in Jr. High. I didn't have any overwhelming memories surface...just a "vaguely familiar" feeling.

The sad thing is that they are going to demolish the sweet little chapel soon. There is a new "state of the art building" opening soon to take its place. I'm sure the new building will offer all of the comforts and extras that we all want these days. And the old chapel is in bad shape. It was hit a few years back by a tornado or a microburst and is now missing windows and being held together by cables. But still, how sad to demolish that wonderful piece of history.

I'm thankful I was given a chance to take pictures while the wonderful old chapel is still standing; I'm thankful for the memories even though they were vague; most of all I'm thankful they don't demolish people when we get old and creaky and "out of date!"


Isn't it amazing what time to ponder will get you!! After my "soap box" presentation about alcohol in the mall, I was reminded that the restaurants that used to be in the mall sold alcohol. That was a little detail that hadn't crossed my mind. Sooooooooo...while I still hate the idea of anyone drinking and getting behind the wheel, I will reserve my judgement until I see how things play out.

It has been such a busy 2009 so far. Younger daughter was just here for a delightful visit and is now safely back in Seattle.

My "clever" genes seem to be on vacation, so rather than bore you to death, I'll close for now and will continue on when my brain is feeling more lively and interesting.