Thursday, May 31, 2007


Last summer Andrea and I started a great tradition. Every Wednesday night we would congregate in the den and watch "So You Think You Can Dance." It's a great show fashioned after "American Idol." We had a great time watching and commenting and arguing with the judges! It always blew my mind seeing the girls dance on those high, skinny heels!!!!

It has started a new season...and while it won't be as much fun watching it without Andrea here to share comments and critiques with, it is still fun because of the memories of all the years she and Alyson took dancing and memories of sharing the fun last summer.

One of our favorite guys won last summer! His sister is in the competition this year...GO BENJI'S SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday lovies and huggies to all!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Sores on dogs demand that medicine be administered. However, tonight I observed "first hand" that loving around on dogs who are frequently in weeds is not a good thing for someone who is allergic to "said weeds." GO FIGURE. (itch)(itch)(scratch)(scratch)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I just discovered today that one can put a picture as part of the header for these blogs. That sounds relatively easy...right? Well, getting the picture there was indeed easy.

HOWEVER...trying to move it to the middle of the blue space has definitely been interesting. One would also think that the "edit html" button would get one into the code where the moving could be done easily. HOWEVER would be wrong. I've been playing with html for many years now, but the html for this blog is unlike any I have ever seen before. In something I've read about this blog site it says to "be sure you know what you're doing before editing the html." ok...I'm convinced...I don't qualify! I think the picture and title look lovely on the left side of the title bar...don't you????????????

Saturday, May 26, 2007


I've added a "music corner" at the bottom of the right column. I know the songs play with IE, but I have no idea if they will work with other browsers. In my next life maybe I'll know how to make things universally readable.

saturday huggies and lovies to all!

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Yep...we be back in the good old S of A. It was a great trip, but it's also nice to be back home. Burton is MORE than glad to be back where he knows what's going on. He had gotten very confused...never sure exactly where to be so that he didn't get left behind. He did have a special day on Tuesday, our last day in St. Louis. That evening we went to a "concert in the park" and took Burton with us. He had a great time watching the people and the other animals. Of course, he was a bit confused as to why there was food and he wasn't getting any of it, but it was a fun time for all of us. I had fun taking pictures of "different perspective" things. I kept thinking someone would tell me they didn't want me taking their picture, but no one said anything. I'll try to get a few of them posted soon.

Thursday lovies and huggies!

Monday, May 21, 2007


Goodness, I seem to be unusually pooped tonight. We weren't all that busy today; I guess it is just an accumulation of the past week's events. Today we had lunch with Alyson at the hospital where she's been doing her Practicum, did some sight-seeing and had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory tonight. Roy and I came back to the motel early so the "young thangs" could do whatever it is they're wanting to do tonight.

Our sight-seeing trip was to the Basilica of Saint Louis, The King...The Old Cathedral. The Old Cathedral is the oldest cathedral west of the Mississippi River. It has a 235 year history and is a self-supporting Roman Catholic Parish.

Monday lovies and huggies to all!


Sunday, May 20, 2007


Calm day today. We had brunch at the restaurant where Alyson's boyfriend works. Roy had a contaminated crepe (had mushrooms and goat cheese and stuff like that in it!)...I had a bacon/cheddar crepe...and Alyson had French toast. I really wanted to order the Finnish Pancake which had custard and who knows what else, but I've been good on this trip and have stayed away from refined sugar, so I hated to put a bunch of it in this old body. My bacon/cheddar crepe was yummy as well.

Alyson had to work this afternoon, so Roy and I did a bit of "puttering" around her apartment and then came back to the motel. I spent the evening editing yesterday's pictures from the Botanical Gardens. They're at <> if anyone likes pictures of flowers. I deleted about half the pictures I took, but there are still a lot there. The ones I like best are in the middle of the batch.

We snacked for supper...ate the stuff we've been bringing home from the restaurants. We have definitely NOT gone hungry.

Tomorrow will be lunch with Alyson at the hospital where she is doing her Practicum and then a bit of sight-seeing. Last but not least will be our traditional trek to the grocery store to restock her pantry. That is always a fun trip. I think she stops going to the grocery store about a month before we come so we can "restock" EVERYTHING! It's a fun tradition.

Lovies and huggies to all!


We spent 4 hours yesterday at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Wow...what gorgeous flowers...a "camera bug's heaven." I took a picture or two...or 397 Alyson works this afternoon so I'll play with them and upload SOME of them to FLICKR.

I was a good girl (translated as "old") and bought a straw hat and sunscreen before I went. The old skin doesn't react as well to the sun as it used to. The hat was indeed a thing of beauty...a KMart $3.99 special! I would post a picture here of me wearing it...but.......

We had supper at a Persian restaurant (Alyson is "into" oriental foods right now). It was Miz Somebody's (can't remember) International House of Kabobs. I intended to take a picture of it...even took the camera in...and then forgot to take the picture. First time that's ever happened. I can't say that I recognized much on the menu, so I played it safe with a chicken kabob. It was quite tasty, and my rice had raisins in it which I loved.

Today we're off to have brunch in the restaurant where Alyson's boyfriend works. It is supposed to have "to die for" pancakes.

Sunday huggies and lovies to all.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Calm day...a bit of shopping...a nice lunch in a quaint restaurant Alyson likes...a nap in the afternoon (smile)...but no pictures. High today of 63 degrees...ABSOLUTELY HEAVENLY.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Yep...OOPSIES!!! I forgot to check all the settings for this blog before announcing it. I have now set comments to allow "anyone." My apologies if you tried to comment and weren't able to.

Now... please notice the picture on the left. I TOLD YOU I SAW A METAL CHICKEN!!! Well, it isn't exactly a chicken; more like a penguin...and it is more of a resin than metal...BUT I WAS CLOSE!!! I'm not sure what the significance is, but we saw two others painted differently before we left Tulsa.

Speaking of Tulsa, folks in those parts sure must like to drink. We stopped at the "quick mart" (or something like that) and they had a whole wall of cappuccino/coffee drinks, a whole wall of smoothie/fruit drinks, and a triple fountain drink section. Then there was this massive island of lids. Eeiny, meeny, miney, mo! Decisions, decisions, decisions!
I know 'WHO DONE IT!!!" I finished my book today. Mary Higgins Clark is a great mystery novelist. If you haven't read any of her books but you enjoy mysteries, give her a try.

Can't have a day without flowers!

We had supper at the restaurant where Alyson works, Bar Louie. We ate outside so Burton was able to be with us. He was delighted to see his "mom" again!

I'll upload the rest of the pictures to FLICKR if anyone is interested.

huggies and lovies to all!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Cathye waves to everyone from Tulsa, OK!

We had a good first day of our trip. I still didn't have all of my "ducks in a row", but we did get on the road close to when we had planned, so I guess not too many of those feathered creatures were hiding.

Nothing particularly exciting to report. One can't do anything too exciting while riding in a vehicle. We saw lots of pretty yellow wildflowers beside the road for the first couple of hours of our trip. Weather was wonderfully cool...seems a cold front is in the area. I might be sorry I didn't pack at least one pair of long pants!

We had supper at Johnny Carino's tonight. Well, that's not totally accurate. With Burton along, we eat a lot of meals on trips sitting in the car because the owners of the restaurants aren't as fond of him as we are. Imagine that! At least our motel is critter friendly. We've seen as many 4 legged creatures as we have 2 legged creatures.

Nothing overly exciting in pictures either. I did see a large metal chicken, but as luck would have it, we were on our way to get supper and the camera was in the motel room. So sorry. My one meager offering photography-wise is this yellow flower that is growing in the flowerbed at the front of the motel. Perhaps tomorrow will bring more exciting offerings.

huggies to all!

Monday, May 14, 2007


I almost broke my arm this past week patting myself on the back because I was getting so much done so efficiently. All of my ducks were marching obediently in a nice straight row! What a great illusion of being in control.

Wouldn't you know it...this morning I woke up and discovered that one of our big dogs had developed a sore on her hip. Alas...what was causing the sore...and was it contagious...and what would we do with her needing medicine while I was gone???? I watched as my "ducks" slowly left the nice straight row and started wandering around in every direction, totally ignoring my commands to "get back here!" I'm slowly gathering up the ducks again, but there are still a couple wandering around out there. DERN DUCKS!!!!!

I'll try to post while I'm gone! Might even post a picture or two. (smile) If not, I'll see y'all in a couple of weeks.

lovies and huggies to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 7, 2007


For a town that's under 100,000, this isn't a very safe place to live. My friend and I nobly headed to the mall this morning, and what should happen but a repeat performance of the other day..with a slightly different flavor. This time we were just innocently walking past Beall's, and what should jump out and grab us and drag us into the store but some blouses. We tried to resist...honest we did...but they just wouldn't take "no" for an answer. Finally, to keep from hurting their feelings, we went into the store to the section where they were staying and tried them on. I was getting ready to leave the store...feeling like I had done my good deed for the day by paying attention to them... when I realized that 3 of those sneaky blouses had purchased themselves with my checkbook and were headed to my house with me. Boy, they sure were persistent little critters!!!!! Such danger. Such peril. SUCH FUN!!!

Monday hugzzzzz to all!

Sunday, May 6, 2007


I am "pondering" at the moment...wondering whether or not the fact that my wireless mouse could disappear between the time I shut down my computer last night and the time I fired it up this morning could be a sign of "things to come." Thankfully, I did find it; it was hiding behind the file box on my table beside where lappy and I sit. It must have gotten frisky in the middle of the night and moved from where I ALWAYS put it to where we would have to play a game of "hide and go seek" to get everything up and running this morning. If I didn't like it so much, I might be tempted to take disciplinary action...but I think I'll "let it slide" this time.

Be sure you're sitting down before you read this next statement! CATHYE CLEANED OUT PART OF HER CLOSET YESTERDAY. Yes...yes, I could be a sign the world is coming to an end. Hopefully not, though. Over half of the clothes in my closet were either too snug (dern air in the closet shrinks clothes, no doubt) or of the winter variety, so I just moved those wayward items to Andrea's closet. Now I no longer have to use Hurculean strength to spread the clothes apart to get a garment in or out. BE won't see this happen very often. And, if you decide to take a peek...JUST DON'T LOOK DOWN!!! The floor of the closet is.....uh....wellllllllll....let's just say it needs help.