Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Yep...OOPSIES!!! I forgot to check all the settings for this blog before announcing it. I have now set comments to allow "anyone." My apologies if you tried to comment and weren't able to.

Now... please notice the picture on the left. I TOLD YOU I SAW A METAL CHICKEN!!! Well, it isn't exactly a chicken; more like a penguin...and it is more of a resin than metal...BUT I WAS CLOSE!!! I'm not sure what the significance is, but we saw two others painted differently before we left Tulsa.

Speaking of Tulsa, folks in those parts sure must like to drink. We stopped at the "quick mart" (or something like that) and they had a whole wall of cappuccino/coffee drinks, a whole wall of smoothie/fruit drinks, and a triple fountain drink section. Then there was this massive island of lids. Eeiny, meeny, miney, mo! Decisions, decisions, decisions!
I know 'WHO DONE IT!!!" I finished my book today. Mary Higgins Clark is a great mystery novelist. If you haven't read any of her books but you enjoy mysteries, give her a try.

Can't have a day without flowers!

We had supper at the restaurant where Alyson works, Bar Louie. We ate outside so Burton was able to be with us. He was delighted to see his "mom" again!

I'll upload the rest of the pictures to FLICKR if anyone is interested.

huggies and lovies to all!

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