Sunday, May 20, 2007


We spent 4 hours yesterday at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Wow...what gorgeous flowers...a "camera bug's heaven." I took a picture or two...or 397 Alyson works this afternoon so I'll play with them and upload SOME of them to FLICKR.

I was a good girl (translated as "old") and bought a straw hat and sunscreen before I went. The old skin doesn't react as well to the sun as it used to. The hat was indeed a thing of beauty...a KMart $3.99 special! I would post a picture here of me wearing it...but.......

We had supper at a Persian restaurant (Alyson is "into" oriental foods right now). It was Miz Somebody's (can't remember) International House of Kabobs. I intended to take a picture of it...even took the camera in...and then forgot to take the picture. First time that's ever happened. I can't say that I recognized much on the menu, so I played it safe with a chicken kabob. It was quite tasty, and my rice had raisins in it which I loved.

Today we're off to have brunch in the restaurant where Alyson's boyfriend works. It is supposed to have "to die for" pancakes.

Sunday huggies and lovies to all.

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