Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Cathye waves to everyone from Tulsa, OK!

We had a good first day of our trip. I still didn't have all of my "ducks in a row", but we did get on the road close to when we had planned, so I guess not too many of those feathered creatures were hiding.

Nothing particularly exciting to report. One can't do anything too exciting while riding in a vehicle. We saw lots of pretty yellow wildflowers beside the road for the first couple of hours of our trip. Weather was wonderfully cool...seems a cold front is in the area. I might be sorry I didn't pack at least one pair of long pants!

We had supper at Johnny Carino's tonight. Well, that's not totally accurate. With Burton along, we eat a lot of meals on trips sitting in the car because the owners of the restaurants aren't as fond of him as we are. Imagine that! At least our motel is critter friendly. We've seen as many 4 legged creatures as we have 2 legged creatures.

Nothing overly exciting in pictures either. I did see a large metal chicken, but as luck would have it, we were on our way to get supper and the camera was in the motel room. So sorry. My one meager offering photography-wise is this yellow flower that is growing in the flowerbed at the front of the motel. Perhaps tomorrow will bring more exciting offerings.

huggies to all!

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carolyn said...

hope you have a safe trip!...we know the basic route you are traveling very well. kenny's parents live in omaha and we drive up to visit them every ....february. yep, you read that right. love the snow. anyway, love then new home of your blog.

blog on sista,
carolyn j