Sunday, May 20, 2007


Calm day today. We had brunch at the restaurant where Alyson's boyfriend works. Roy had a contaminated crepe (had mushrooms and goat cheese and stuff like that in it!)...I had a bacon/cheddar crepe...and Alyson had French toast. I really wanted to order the Finnish Pancake which had custard and who knows what else, but I've been good on this trip and have stayed away from refined sugar, so I hated to put a bunch of it in this old body. My bacon/cheddar crepe was yummy as well.

Alyson had to work this afternoon, so Roy and I did a bit of "puttering" around her apartment and then came back to the motel. I spent the evening editing yesterday's pictures from the Botanical Gardens. They're at <> if anyone likes pictures of flowers. I deleted about half the pictures I took, but there are still a lot there. The ones I like best are in the middle of the batch.

We snacked for supper...ate the stuff we've been bringing home from the restaurants. We have definitely NOT gone hungry.

Tomorrow will be lunch with Alyson at the hospital where she is doing her Practicum and then a bit of sight-seeing. Last but not least will be our traditional trek to the grocery store to restock her pantry. That is always a fun trip. I think she stops going to the grocery store about a month before we come so we can "restock" EVERYTHING! It's a fun tradition.

Lovies and huggies to all!


Gary James said...

Nice looking blog! Its picture taking flower season! Yes!

Anonymous said...

After 3 years I just figured out that Courtney does that also. I never remember my mother doing that for me! Must mean they are smarter than we were. But down deep...... we love being needed don't we!

cathye said...

we do, we do, we do!!!!