Sunday, May 25, 2008



This is an awesome song I stumbled across. It is a wonderful reminder of how much our prayers mean to our Military.

Artist: Ricky Skaggs
Song: Somebody's Prayin'
Album: My Father’s Son

Somebody's prayin, I can feel it
Somebody's prayin’ for me
Mighty hands are guiding me
To protect me from what I can’t see
Lord I believe, Lord I believe
Somebody's prayin’, for me.

Angels are watchin’, I can feel it
Angels are watchin’ over me
There’re many miles ahead ‘til I get home
Still I’m safely kept before Your throne
’Cause Lord I believe, Lord I believe
Your angels are watchin’ over me.

Well I've walked the barren wilderness
Where my pillow was a stone
And I’ve been through the darkest caverns
Where no light had ever shown
Still I went on ‘cause there was someone
Who was down on their knees
And Lord I thank you for those people
Prayin’ all this time
For me.

Somebody's prayin’, I can feel it
Somebody's prayin’ for me
Mighty hands are guiding me
To protect me from what I can’t see
Lord I believe, Lord I believe
Somebody's prayin’ for me.

What a beautiful reminder that it is up to us to be those people who are down on their knees!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


...the marvels of modern science, that is. Well, actually, I'm not sure it actually falls into the category of "science"...but...did you know that they now have Lavender scented spray starch?????????????? Yep, they sure do. I was ironing away a couple of days ago and my poor little can of spray starch "gave up the ghost." So, I just trotted down to my handy, dandy WalMart to get another one. WOW! So many choices!!!! I mean, it has only been 2 or 3 years since I bought the last can (and NO, you're not allowed to speculate as to what that says about how often I iron!), and I now have multiple fragrance choices...among other options. I chose a nice, smooth Lavender scent, and it is actually rather nice. Nice enough to make me want to iron more often? Uhhhhh...I DON'T THINK SO, TIM! (shades of "Home Improvement" there) But...on those rare occasion when the metal (teflon coated, of course) hits the material, I shall enjoy the calming effects of the lavender. Oh...and it sprays much more evenly, too. I wonder when that happened????

Monday, May 5, 2008


Knowing that there are some things on which you can depend is usually comforting, don't you think???? It's kind of like having a security blanket in reserve. Kind of like being reassured the earth is still revolving on its axis.

I am pleased to announce, in an effort to add to the stability of the human race, that I have once again done my traditional job of installing a program on my computer. This cute little window popped up...offering me a update for my Real Player. Now in the past those little windows have been very annoying in the way that they keep appearing, so I decided to go ahead and let it install the update. I read all options carefully, being sure not to have it take over my computer completely. All went smoothly. I patted myself on the back. And then...........
a cute little window popped up asking me that I had installed Mozilla Firefox...I wanted it to be my default browser.

SAY WHAT????????????????????

Where the heck did that come from???????????????????????????????????

<> Yep...there are just some things you can depend on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!