Tuesday, May 20, 2008


...the marvels of modern science, that is. Well, actually, I'm not sure it actually falls into the category of "science"...but...did you know that they now have Lavender scented spray starch?????????????? Yep, they sure do. I was ironing away a couple of days ago and my poor little can of spray starch "gave up the ghost." So, I just trotted down to my handy, dandy WalMart to get another one. WOW! So many choices!!!! I mean, it has only been 2 or 3 years since I bought the last can (and NO, you're not allowed to speculate as to what that says about how often I iron!), and I now have multiple fragrance choices...among other options. I chose a nice, smooth Lavender scent, and it is actually rather nice. Nice enough to make me want to iron more often? Uhhhhh...I DON'T THINK SO, TIM! (shades of "Home Improvement" there) But...on those rare occasion when the metal (teflon coated, of course) hits the material, I shall enjoy the calming effects of the lavender. Oh...and it sprays much more evenly, too. I wonder when that happened????

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