Monday, May 5, 2008


Knowing that there are some things on which you can depend is usually comforting, don't you think???? It's kind of like having a security blanket in reserve. Kind of like being reassured the earth is still revolving on its axis.

I am pleased to announce, in an effort to add to the stability of the human race, that I have once again done my traditional job of installing a program on my computer. This cute little window popped up...offering me a update for my Real Player. Now in the past those little windows have been very annoying in the way that they keep appearing, so I decided to go ahead and let it install the update. I read all options carefully, being sure not to have it take over my computer completely. All went smoothly. I patted myself on the back. And then...........
a cute little window popped up asking me that I had installed Mozilla Firefox...I wanted it to be my default browser.

SAY WHAT????????????????????

Where the heck did that come from???????????????????????????????????

<> Yep...there are just some things you can depend on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cheryl said...

Hi Miz C this is Ms. C I have Mozilla Firefox and it is great!