Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Some important ideas from Really important stuff my kids have taught me by Cynthia Copeland Lewis. Read deeply; there are some profound truths hidden in the simplicity.


--If you don't run, you won't trip, but you may never get there.

--How do you know you can't make a rocket out of tin foil boxes and cardboard unless you try?

--Toads aren't ugly -- they're just toads.

--There are names that hurt much more than sticks and stones.

--Don't dive deeper than you have breath for.

--Don't pop someone else's bubble.

--Sometimes you need a little push to go down the big slide.

--A pencil without an eraser might just as well be a pen.

--Every day comes with a day after.

--Slugs leave an easy trail to follow, but who really wants to?

--You have to be ready to jump when the rope swings under your feet.

--If you can't swim, wade.

I love this little book. The entries make me smile, but they hold such wisdom!!! As is said, "...and a little child will lead them."


Anonymous said...

Great looking page Cathye! I may borrow one of the cartoon strips!
I wish eons was as friendly and flexible as blogspot.


cheryl said...

Hi Cathye, It works I think. Great wisdom by the way Love the site changes

cathye said...

Amen to that!!! Eons is hard to navigate and doesn't let the "author" have much control. Blogspot has spoiled me.