Sunday, July 20, 2008


Had one of those "ultimate shopping" experiences last week. I went to HEB to check for a couple of their special items that I remember fondly. What I found was certainly MORE than I was anticipating.

HEB is remodeling--turning into a mega superstore, it appears. But they have not let that slow them down. In fact, they have arranged things to enhance your shopping pleasures.

For those who love puzzles, you can begin by snaking your way through the construction crew's equipment or by maneuvering your car around the roadblocks on the main street. Next you can play "hide and seek" with all of the items you have previously purchased in that store; everything has been relocated. You can play dodge ball, too. Well, actually, it would be more accurate to call it "dodge the stockers" as they try to fill the shelves without colliding with the customers.

Last, but certainly not least, you can enjoy a "sing along" as you shop. In some areas you can sing loudly with the 60's music playing on the intercom. In other areas you can make up your own music, the beat determined by the rat a tat tat of the jack hammer as it breaks away the concrete in the middle of the store, allowing for the formation of huge mounds of dirt. (Perhaps for a rousing game of "King of the Mountain" once the barrier tape is removed!)

What more could anyone want???? A mask and earplugs, perhaps!

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