Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Have you ever noticed something and thought, "wow...that's cool...I wonder when they added that/built that or whatever" ... only to find out it's been there for several months--or maybe several years?

Cathye: They've added a traffic light at the intersection of Southwest and Southland....finally. We've needed that; I've always had to watch really closely to be sure I turned in the right place.

Friend: Uh...Cathye...that's been there for several months now. But maybe you don't go that way very often.

Cathye: Yeah...that's it! I only drive down Southwest 2 to 4 days a day.

Definitely a "WELL, DUHHHHHHHHHHHH" moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sadly, not the first. Probably not the last)

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