Thursday, July 24, 2008


Have I mentioned how much I hate setting up a new computer????????????

Tonight I decided I had procrastinated enough. It was time to get the email up and running on my new lappy. I tried about a week ago, but I transferred in one too many files from the old lappy, and all came to a screeching halt. So...I uninstalled and deleted everything and let the computer "age" a bit. Tonight I started all over again.

Tonight's first try of a new way of doing it failed just like the last one. Another uninstall & delete. Reinstall. It was already configured to pull in my email. weird, weird, weird And other weird stuff was happening. All sorts of error messages which prevented me from transferring in my folders of mail...and which kept the program from closing. I was totally baffled...AGAIN!!!

"When ... what to my wandering eyes should appear??????????"...but a little ol' window telling me the program needed to be configured. I have yet to figure out what it was reading that first hour or so, but once I configured this "new" window, it let me transfer in my folders.

Will I ever understand these machines??????????? PROBABLY NOT!!! But email is once again up and running on a new laptop. Now, where the heck is the folder that holds my bookmarks???????????

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