Monday, July 28, 2008


Yep, today has been a good Sunday. I got up at the crack of....9:45. (but in fairness to myself, I must mention that I was up until 1:15 a.m. finishing photo projects for OTHERS). Anywho, before I let myself sit down I did the first 5 loads of laundry! Such an industrious soul, I am, I am. Of course, there are still 5 more loads that need to be done, but we just won't mention those. I have at least gotten all of the necessary clothes washed in case dear sweet hubby has to go to Dallas this week for work. Can't send him off with dirty clothes in his suitcase, now can I.

Speaking of dirty clothes in suitcases, did you know that that is a very efficient way to pack???? Just ask my daughters. They both load all of their dirty clothes in their suitcase and head for home (not very often, of course, since they live all the way across the U.S....but when they do come.) It is their way of telling their Mom that they still need her!!! What's that???? There is another explanation? I don't want to hear it; just let me have my moments!

I will leave you with today's ASTUTE OBSERVATIONS:

1. Cell phones are wonderful and easy to use...such marvels of technology. But they are cranky, too. Just plugging the cord into the phone doesn't seem to be enough to make them happy enough to charge. They expect the other end of the cord to be plugged into the outlet. PICKY, PICKY, PICKY

2. Cathye needs to write down her nuggets of wisdom when they happen because by the end of the day chances are good she will have forgotten. I'll let you know tomorrow if I remember the other Astute Observation from today!

lovies and huggies to all!!!

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