Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Travel. Yep, that's what we did. Yesterday dear sweet hubby (later to be known as dshubby)drove to the little town about 60 miles from here where my Grandma (dad's mom) lived. We were in search of her house...the rent house she owned where my other Grandma (mom's mom) lived for a while...and the house where my aunt lived.

There was a miracle right off the bat. Even though I hadn't been there since I was a young girl, I was actually able to remember directions well enough to get us to the house. I was quite impressed with myself. I sorta thought you crossed a railroad track somewhere along the way, but there wasn't one anywhere in sight, so either I imagined that part of the directions or it has been removed in the past 45 years. The "visit" was kind of bittersweet. Needless to say, the house wasn't as massive as I remember, but it was still large. What was really disappointing was that the little rent house was all boarded up...obviously ignored for many years. Seeing it all again, though, was great!

I wandered around taking pictures, half expecting the police to show up asking me what in the world I thought I was doing. I also had my story of Grandma all ready in case the person living in the house was home and saw me. Come to find out (from my conversation with the lady who lives across the street), the little man who lived in the house died a few months ago, so I felt free to roam and snap pictures to my heart's content. Dshubby entertained Burton while I took pictures. I didn't take as many as I wanted...it was too hot outside...but I'm delighted to have the pictures in case they decide to flatten one of the houses.

I must admit that since then, I have been thinking that it would be kind of cool to find the daughter who now owns the two houses and the land to see if I could go inside both of the houses. But that will have to wait for another day. For now I'll just be content revisiting all the memories that were triggered by that trip.

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