Tuesday, July 1, 2008


How many of you remember when "Survivor" appeared on our TV sets??? It was the "new horizon" for television. Something new and fresh. A strange oncept...entertainment with "your average 'John Q. Public.'" Perhaps there had been others that had gone before, but "Survivor" seems to be the show that brought the concept into the "mainstream media." I remember hearing some of my friends talk about the participants as if they were personal friends...and about changing their schedules so they could watch every episode!

Close on its heels have came such series as "Big Brother," "American Idol," (I think huge segments of America came to a screeching halt when American Idol came on the screen, too!), "Dog, the Bounty Hunter," about a million reality crime shows, "Funniest Home Videos," "The Deadliest Catch," "Dancing With the Stars," and one about America having talent.

Through these Reality shows (or is it actuality????) you could choose a spouse, a model or a great decorator. You could even see "America's Greatest Dog!" (I'm sure none of them can be as GREAT as Burton!!!) There was some entertainment value in some of them...some pretty amazing talent, in fact. There was also some...uhhhh...ummmm...to be nice let's just say "lack of talent or entertainment value"

Have I watched any of them????????? Uhhhhhhh...[whispering here] that would have to be a "yes." Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...don't tell anyone! I must admit to you that I watched what I think was the second season of "Survivor"...because one of the participants was a young man from a nearby town...and besides that, HE WAS CUTE!!! But once he was gone, I kind of lost interest. I've seen several episodes of "Dog, the Bounty Hunter"...including the one with a gorgeous Hawaiian wedding. And, truth be told, I am totally addicted to "So You Think You Can Dance"...supposedly America's #1 rated something-or-other which holds the record for the most response calls! Younger daughter and I started watching it during season #2, and it has been tradition ever since...even when we are thousands of miles apart. (How in the heck do they dance in those high heels????????????)

I gotta tell you, though, that the trend seems to have gone over the edge. We now have such rousing shows as...

Hell's Kitchen
The Verminators (oh, joy...I just love seeing dead rats!)
Well, you get the idea. Pretty much anything is fodder for the TV screen.

Let's make this an interactive post. Open the comment window and share your thoughts and confessions about Reality TV you've watched. And then...I think we all need to throw our hats in the ring and come up with suggestions of our own.

My suggestion for a new Reality TV show is...
Techniques for Chewing Toenails. (Just think of the possibilities.)

Other suggestions???

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