Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This has been a good day. I met a friend at the mall for our daily walk (which we usually get around to a couple of days a week), ran some errands and have puttered around the house a bit.

I am still... pondering which camera would be the best buy -- pondering which mattress would be the best buy -- THINKING ABOUT rearranging the bookshelves in the den -- and CONTEMPLATING cleaning out my closet. The "spirit is willing," but the old body seems to have other ideas.

I am getting a bit of physical therapy on my shoulder to convince it not to be cranky, and my "astute observation" for today was that I am super-easily entertained. Today I was just as happy as a clam watching how the "floaters" in my eyes reacted when I moved my eyes in different directions. (In my defense I must add that there was a heat pack on my shoulder and there wasn't a lot else I could do). Anyone else easily entertained????

Wednesday hugzzzzzzzzzzz

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