Friday, November 30, 2007


Roy and I had a quiet Thanksgiving at home. Since both girls live so far away, they weren't able to come home. We did, however, get to talk to both of them when they called home to find out how to fix various parts of their own Thanksgiving dinners. I was kind of glad I didn't do a better job of teaching them the skills of cooking!

Thanksgiving was a bit strange, too! For some strange reason I woke up in the mood to CLEAN...which I can assure you is extremely RARE! So...while Roy cooked, I cleaned and did laundry...all day long in fact! It is perhaps a sign that the world will be coming to an end soon.

We had a fund-raising concert at our church last night. They let me run a $5,000 video camera. I thought that was incredibly brave of them!!!!!

Trying to get Christmas packages in the mail today. Some days that goes quickly...some days I really have to push myself to "do what needs to be done."

I am seriously considering trading Sable (one of indoor dogs) in on a new model. Her latest "thing" is to climb into the cat's litter the cat poop...and then regurgitate it in strategic places in the house, thereby filling the room with such a lovely fragrance...NOT!!!!

And now I'm off to the salt mines!

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Diana said...

I so understand! I too hate to clean and this is the worse time of year for me. The sun doesn't shine so I'm gloomy and don't want to move or the sun shines and my windows looks so dirty I want to run! :) I clean them I do, but they are building in our neighborhood so the windows are in a state of yuck all year long. On the bright side, fewer birds fly into them.
Thanks for sharing!