Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Cleaning is such a depressing activity!!! You clean one thing and during the cleaning of that one thing, you see 3 OTHER things that need to be cleaned. There's never an end to it!

And what, you might ask, led me to this conclusion...well, I'll tell you.

Roy and I purchased a new mattress and box springs, so it was out with the old...and CLEAN...before it is "in with the new." We had a lovely multi-year accumulation of dirt under the bed...and several generations of dust bunnies. Well cleaning that led to cleaning the books on the bookshelf beside the bed...and the layer of dirt nesting in the outside curve of the pages...which led to cleaning out the "reading tub" in the bathroom and putting the old Guideposts and Reader's Digests in the bottom part of the bookshelf...and...and...and. I'M POOPED!!!!!! At least, though, one wall of my bedroom has been "spring cleaned"...even if it is November!

Good news...Jelly Bean (our Golden Retriever who had a stroke this past weekend) started eating again today!

sneezies and aches to all...oh wait...that's just me!
huggies and lovies to y'alls!

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