Monday, November 12, 2007


WOW...busy day, today. It started 7:30 ish and just slowed down a few minutes ago.

This was one of those good news/bad news days. First the good news. We finally decided there wasn't going to be any such thing as a specific mattress that was the "best," so I "bit the bullet" and bought one. I spent quite a while reading stuff about mattresses online. In fact, I went so far as to join the online "Consumer Reports." But what did I find when I logged in????? I found out they haven't rated mattresses! (sigh) They did have some basic "mattress hunting" tips, but that was all. Who knows if I chose a good one or not...time will tell.

I mentioned yesterday that one of our Golden Retrievers had had a major attack of arthritis. She was better this morning, but we took her to the vet anyway. He looked into her eyes for a few seconds and told us that she had a stroke. He said there's nothing he can do for it, but dogs usually "regroup" and do ok after them. What made me incredibly sad, though, was that when we arrived at the vet's office, there was a lady there holding a little white poodle that was really shaking. She said she had returned from the grocery store to find the dog going around and around in circles. As we were leaving I asked the girl behind the desk how the little white dog was. She said it had had a major stroke and had to be put to sleep. The woman said she'd had the dog for 17 years. Such a sad thing.

Later tonight, after we bought the mattress, we went to PETCO and bought some steps so Burton can get up on the couch by himself. Sable was eyeing them mighty intently, too, so I think I'll move them away from the couch when I go to bed. While I was there I just had to buy a couple of treats for our doggies.

Please keep my cousin, Ron, in your prayers. He and wife are heading to MD Anderson cancer center tomorrow to have tests run on the 6-inch tumor that was just discovered in his pelvic area. Prayers would also be appreciated for my aunt (his 85+ year old mom who depends heavily on him.)

And now it's time to bid you adieu. I have my Bible Study class in the morning so have to get up at a decent hour.

love and hugzzzzzzzzzz to all!

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