Saturday, October 24, 2009


Hmmmmm...I wonder what it says about my frequency of blogging if I admit that I couldn't even remember the URL to my blog...had to go to my niece's site and click on the link. Bless you, CS!!! I had forgotten my password, too, of course. Perhaps I'll need to do this a tad more frequently.

I'm a bit sad right now...well, probably more nostalgic than sad. An icon of "my era" is coming down tomorrow. The Women's High Rise Dorm at Angelo State University will be imploded at sunrise tomorrow. The newspaper called it the "completion of a cycle."

It had its grand opening in junior year at Angelo State. Ten stories high; enough to make San Angeloans ooooh and aaaah. My best friend lived in the dorm, and I have fond memories of sitting on the floor of her room, painting shirts for a couple of friends of ours. They lived at Grapecreek, so the shirts exclaimed loudly our versions...Banana Brook and Strawberry Stream. I wonder if Mike and Robert remember.

It was "state of the art" back then. A bathroom for each 4 girls...a suite. No more community bathroom down the hall. Angelo State was to be envied.

It has touched my life several more times through the years. My older daughter stayed there for band camps, and she also lived there her Freshman year at ASU. More fun memories for this old mom.

But it has outlived its usefulness. It couldn't keep up with the forward march of technology. It was obsolete. It would cost more to "fix it" than to start from scratch. And so, we must say goodbye. No more will we see the twin high rises defining the skyline of the area. No more will we see the messages in lights in the windows. No more will it make the news when pranksters change the intended messages.

I'm not saying it shouldn't come down to make way for progress. It should. The newspaper also said, "It's had a good run, a lot of good memories, but it's time to make room for the next generation." Still, I can't help but be a bit sad about its departure. Well done, ol' girl...and thanks!

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