Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Another week has whizzed by. I might be a little closer to being caught up...as long as you don't look at any of the long-term projects I really should be working on. It keeps me off the streets...right?

I have taken a lot of trips down Memory Lane recently regarding Valentine's Day. I remember the Valentine boxes we made and put on our desks in elementary school. They ranged from plain and simple to all decked out with hearts and lace. There were small ones and ones that took up half the desk.

I remember how we "graduated" to the "much cooler" folders hung around the room when we got into the upper elementary grades. I remember the silly Valentines..."your teeth are like the stars--they come out at night." Some of the Valentines bordered on being cruel. I remember the class "rebel" who gave out those Valentines. I remember how surprised I was that the one I got from him wasn't at all what I was expecting. I don't remember if he got very many Valentines or not...and, of course, I never knew if the ones he got were kind or otherwise. Kids can actually be quite cruel. I hope he's doing well.

I remember the silly verses we used to make up. "Roses are red...Grass is green...Your mouth runs...Like a sewing machine." Actually, that was a fairly accurate description of me--I was quite chattye even back then.

I remember the excitement of getting candy attached to one of your Valentines...and you were indeed popular if you got a whole box of candy. I remember the year I got a little plastic mosaic art kit from one of the boys; I thought it was the grandest thing on earth...especially the fact that it was from a BOY!

(and... having nothing whatsoever to do with Valentine's Day... I remember the most popular boy in the sixth grade who "published" his "Top 10" list every week of the girls he liked. I never made the list, but my best friend made it to #10 a couple of times. Maybe I was "popular by association"???????????)

I remember candy hearts and chocolates and heart-shaped suckers. I remember the popular kids whose boxes over-flowed with Valentines, and I remember the twinge of anxiety that came with "nerd territory" as I wondered if the number of Valentines I received would be embarrassingly small. Bless the children who gave cards to everyone; bless the Mothers who MADE their kids give Valentines to everyone.

And now I'm all grown up...and I send out lots of Valentines...because I know it means a lot to be remembered and to know that someone thinks you're special...and because I remember days gone by. And, as I remember and ponder, I have...smiles for the caring and sensitive kids of days gone by. Smiles for the special friends in my life now. Smiles for a loving family. Smiles for God's unconditional love.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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