Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Christmas Hot Chocolate

"No hot chocolate on Christmas Eve?" Christine asked.

"Next year," her mom Cheryl promised as she dressed for the midnight service.

Having hot chocolate on Christmas Eve was a family tradition, but this year they couodn't afford even that. Jack, the dad, had been laid off months earlier; their car was broken down; food was scarce, and the family's financial picture was growing bleaker each day.

Later, as they sat in the candlelight service, Cheryl prayed silently, "Oh, Lord, you promised to take care of us. Have you forgotten?"

Joyful songs and hope rang out as people filed out of the church, but Cheryl's heart was heavy. Just then, their daughter's youth director called to them: "Wait!" She pulled a brightly ribboned jar from her bag -- hot chocolate mix! "Merry Christmas!" she said.

This kind friend didn't know of their family tradition, or that to Cheryl, this simple gift was a reminder that God had not forgotten their family after all.

(from Christmas Treasures of the Heart by Cheri Fuller)

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