Thursday, September 25, 2008


One of my favorite things to do each night is to read my niece's blog. She writes beautifully...and says a great deal with her words. Tonight's blog was about the power of words, which of course started me on a trip down Memory Lane...all the way back to some of the nicknames I had in elementary school. I assure you they weren't terms of endearment. I remember them vividly to this day. They did indeed hurt my feelings...and they did indeed have an influence on the way I felt about myself.

Her blog went on to say that that is often carried to excess these days with folks being "offended" when no offense was intended. And I agree with her. There is a lot of absurdity these days.

But I do think we need to be ultra aware of the power our words have on those who hear them...while at the same time being willing to "forgive" those who have a tendency to accidentally put their foot in their mouth...such as the "someone" who created this blog!!!

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