Thursday, June 26, 2008


Ahhhhhh...but I digress....what a wonderful phrase. So very, very useful when I discover that I have once again allowed myself to stray from the topic...when I have once again lost my focus....when I am exploring one of those tangents I quite frequently "go off on." My niece loves it, too!!!

Unfortunately, I think the appropriate term for right now is "regress" instead of "digress." In fact, I think I have regressed back to my "temper tantrum" stage. Not a full-blown tantrum, mind you. Just a bit of foot stomping and whining "I DON'T WANNA" in a somewhat annoying tone.

Last night I sat down and dutifully wrote out my "things I gotta do and projects I gotta finish" list. All nice and neat, with a nifty blank before each item on the list so that I can put a BIG check mark there when all is finished. A thing of beauty it is. So organized. So efficient. So fulfilling (once it is filled with BIG check marks).

A good night's sleep...a morning walk...time to tackle the list. Shall I start with item #1? I DON'T WANNA! Well, how about #2. I DON'T WANNA! Perhaps the third item on the list?? I STILL DON'T WANNA. And so went the afternoon...and evening. Did I put fabric softener in the load of towels waiting oh, so patiently in the washing machine? Uhh...that would be a negative. Did I accomplish anything on my list? NO! Am I totally clueless as to how I managed to stay busy all afternoon but cannot see anything accomplished. Guilty as charged. BUT, I am proud to report that I have this thing figured out. Go ahead and ask me, "Are there BIG check marks on your list now?"

YOU BET! I just went back and added the things I actually did!

Works for me!

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