Sunday, January 4, 2009


It has seemed to me all during 2008 that I was playing "catch up." I never had my act together. I was never on top of things. I could never get all of my ducks in a row (not even in the same room most of the time).

Occasionally I wondered if maybe I was in better shape than I realized and that the "day late and a dollar short" feeling was erroneous. It wasn't!

For two days at the start of this new year, our local news did a clip which was a tribute to those who died during 2008. I sat and watched...with both sadness at the loss of so many "icons" and astonishment that there were so many top names who had died and I was clueless that they were no longer with us.

I am thinking perhaps I had my head in the sand a good part of the year. This year, if you pass by me and notice my head is buried in the sand, would you please pull it out, dust it off, and point me in the appropriate direction to catch up with life as it passes by!

Many thanks!

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