Saturday, April 12, 2008


Our big dogs got a new "do" on Thursday. A friend of mine owns a "small dog" grooming business, and she was sweet enough to let me bring in our two big Golden Retrievers for their summer haircuts. (That was going wayyy above and beyond...believe me!!!!) Turns out they are more Chow than Golden Retriever and had massive "winter coats" that were just like a blanket up next to their skin. I helped her; I mostly "stood guard" so the dogs wouldn't try to jump off the table, but I was also covered in dog hair by the end, so I at least LOOKED like I have been a vital part of the process! Thankfully, they are old and decrepit and were happy to just lie there. You wouldn't believe how much hair she got off of them. Their back ends were so matted she had to shave them down to the skin, but she was able to just comb the heavy coat out of the front 2/3 of each dog. They are so funny looking right now...bare rear ends and back legs...and fluffy heads and fronts. They look like lions!!! And...wouldn't you know it, we have had 2 super-cold nights since they went "nekkid" in back. It was in the 30's last night. Thankfully, they have a nice, carpeted dog house which I HOPE kept them nice and warm.

Saturday hugzzzzzzzz to all!

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